Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Clare Curran's IWD Press Release

5 March 2009 Media Statement
International Women’s Day

Dunedin South MP Clare Curran sees International Women’s Day this Sunday, 8 March, as an opportunity to bring women together to develop a collective voice.

The recent National Government decision to stop the investigations into pay equity for workers such as social workers and school support staff highlights this even more,” she said.

“Women should not have to shoulder an unfair burden from the looming economic crisis.

"The National Minister of Women's Affairs Pansy Wong has accepted as ‘inevitable’ that New Zealand women will be hugely affected by the recession and that large percentages of women in the workforce are employed in areas that are likely to be hit hardest,"

Pansy Wong has accepted this outcome as being "inevitable" at a time when she should be working on strategies to prevent this from happening.

"She has allowed the National Government to pull the plug on pay and employment equity investigations for social workers and school support staff. She clearly has no intention of addressing the gender pay gap in New Zealand,” Clare Curran said.

"It is particularly important in these tough economic times that women are not consigned to being second-class citizens at work.

Labour has called on Pansy Wong to tell the women of New Zealand what her involvement was in the decision to scrap the public service equity investigations when they were just months away from completion.

"Was she consulted by the Minister of State Services before he made this decision or was she completely ignored in the exercise?”

The gender pay gap stands at 12% in New Zealand and strong advocacy is required to shift that.

“It is crucial that women stand together and support each other, particularly at this time of economic instability.” Clare Curran said.

Ms Curran is encouraging the women of Dunedin to celebrate International Women’s Day by participating in a Walk and Picnic up (and down) Harbour Cone, this Sunday March 8 beginning at 11am.

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