Tuesday, March 10, 2009


(from the Left) Katherine and Helen, the newly elected Secretary and Chair of Dunedin South Women's Branch.

The first Annual General Meeting of this entirely new Branch was held last Monday the 2nd of March at the Labour Party's Bill Fraser Lounge in South Dunedin.

An enthusiastic group of about 20 of us formed this new branch halfway through last year and were very actively involved in the successful Dunedin South campaign which returned an impressive Labour Party and personal vote result for our electorate candidate Clare Curran.

We plan to meet on the first Monday of every month and occasionally at other convenient times as we plan events, talks and fundraisers. We're keen to pick up new members, address important local issues, and have fun too.

We don't have a cent to our name as yet, in fact I'm sure somebody should be reimbursed for the purchase of stamps and envelopes, so our next meeting (Monday April 6) will be a Quiz Night (click to see the details) in the Lounge Bar at Heff's Hotel, King Edward Street, South Dunedin.

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