Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quiz Night

Dunedin South Women's Branch held our first major fundraiser - a Quiz night - last night.

What a great event it was - a full house of 18 teams, and diabolical but enjoyable questions that kept everyone on their toes.

There were plenty of prizes for the three winning teams, and the usual variety of Labour Party raffles were circulated around the crowd. There were some happy winners on the night although when Doug drew the winning raffle number twice in a row he had to pass on getting a further prize, in the interests of a fair go for everyone. Would a Tory have done that?

Dunedin Women's Branch Chair Helen Lobb composed some very knobbly and quirky questions, and acted as MC. Much fun was had by all, and we learned a lot too.

Our MP Clare Curran was on hand to catch up with constituents. Of course Heff's Hotel in South Dunedin is just a short walk from Clare's new Electorate office at Cargill's Corner.

Well done to the Dunedin South Women's Branch organisers, especially Helen, and thanks to the friendly staff of Heff's Hotel.

My own favourite question was this one:

Who was the most recent British Prime Minister not to have a wife?

1 comment:

The Paradoxical Cat said...

Give up?

Or did you answer "Ted Heath"?

The answer is actually, Margaret Thatcher...

Look again at the question.

It's fascinating how many people interpret the question as, who was the last SINGLE prime Minister.