Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Woman with a mission

Our irrepressible chairperson Helen Lobb keeps an eagle eye out for potential new members for the Dunedin South Women's Branch. Here she is today, membership book at the ready. Last I heard, she had signed up several new members for our branch.

Here's the Mission Statement for the Dunedin South Women’s Branch:

We acknowledge the progress made in battling for women's rights and improving women's lives, but recognise that the battle has not been won, and that there is always the possibility that the gains may be lost.

The Branch will provide a forum for discussion about the issues that affect women, and generate ideas on how to continue to make improvements through policy. It will also be a forum to provide support and encouragement to women in our city into elected and leadership positions and onto committees and boards.

And it will be a Branch that develops and promotes events for women in our City.

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