Monday, June 8, 2009

Drinking Liberally

Drinking liberally starts again in Dunedin - and this week it is the turn of Labour's Pete Hodgson to speak and field questions.

Is Labour a progressive party? Is it still the party of the working class? What is the legacy of the fifth Labour Government 1999-2008?

We are pleased to announce the next Drinking Liberally will be attended by Dunedin North MP and former Cabinet Minister Pete Hodgson, who can provide an important insight into these and other questions.

It's not often you can share a pint with one of New Zealand's most experienced politicians, and we implore Drinking Liberators to come open minds but tough questions for our local MP.

This is the first of Drinking Liberally Dunedin's Winter Series, with many more interesting speakers planned for the future. Don't hibernate, liberate!

Help foster Dunedin's forum for Progressive Action through Social Interaction!

Where: Velvet Underground, Lower Stuart Street

When: 7pm Tuesday June 9
If you miss this one, try for the one second Tuesday in July.
And check out an interview with the Dunedin organiser on a channel 9 news item.

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Steelykc said...

Seemed like it was developing into a good night when I had to leave.... Hope we have another one soon. Shame about the venue though, they not very friendly and dont turn the music down. Perhaps they can go without my $8 for a socialist chardonay.....