Monday, July 6, 2009

'What does it mean to be Leftwing in 2009?'

Drinking Liberally
Dunedin Chapter

Tuesday July 7, 7pm

Velvet Underground,
Lower Octagon

Guest speaker will be Dr Bryce Edwards
of the University of Otago Department of Politics.

Dr Edwards lectures in New Zealand politics
and is the author of the well-known Liberation blog.

Bryce will be talking on the topic of
'What does it mean to be Leftwing in 2009?'

Originally derived from the seating arrangements
of the French Revolutionary National Assembly of 1789,
do the terms 'leftwing' and 'rightwing' still make sense
more than 200 years later?
Is it more relevant to speak of 'liberal' and 'conservative'?

Is Drinking Liberally misnamed?

All regular attendees and newcomers are invited to come join the discussion,
have a drink and promote democracy one pint at a time.

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