Monday, July 19, 2010

Youth Branch Launched

Dunedin South Women's Branch has been joined by another new branch of the Labour Party in the Dunedin South electorate. The branch was officially launched last week at a very pleasant social occasion.

Pictured above is Lauren Hourigan, Chairperson of the new branch, addressing the gathered members and supporters. Lauren is accompanied by her young niece (who was taking a break from playing with the red Labour Party balloons), and she is flanked by electorate MP Clare Curran.

Two other Labour MPs attended the launch and also gave brief speeches to encourage and congratulate the new branch: Moana Mackey, spokesperson for Housing, and Chris Hipkins, member for Rimutaka and spokesperson for Sport and Recreation.

Lauren Hourigan with Moana Mackey MP, a former president of New Zealand Young Labour.

Members of Dunedin's Young Labour branches were out on the streets recently to protest the National Party's proposed attacks on the rights of unions and workers.

"We are a group of like minded young people who have a firm belief in social justice and in a strong community. We are passionate advocates not only for youth but for issues that affect South Dunedin."

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